When you want a great pair of boots for kids, turn to Ariat. Be they colorful or traditional, silly or serious, every little girl or boy deserves a good pair of cowboy boots. Ariat is known for manufacturing top-of-the-line cowboy boots for folks of all sizes. Yup, Ariat kids' boots are as reliable as their grown-up counterparts, promising all the quality construction you've come to expect from Ariat but built specifically for lil' buckaroos. Because kids can be hard on their shoes, kids' boots have a special set of requirements. No matter what kinds of games and capers kids get up to, your kids' boots will hang tough and be ready for more. Ariat kid’s boots have a unique feature called “Wiggle Room.” This is a pair of removable insoles that give you an extra ½ size of growing room. When the boots get tight, simply take out the insoles and your little cowgirl or cowboy can keep right on wearing them! When it comes to children's boots that are comfy as well as durable, Ariat kids' boots can't be beat.

For more about our Ariat boots for children, call our stores or come see us in person. Come say "howdy" at our store in Austin or visit our location in Round Rock and we'll help you choose from our kids' boots to please the little kid in your life.