Old Gringo Boots


Beautiful designs and comfort are not accidents.

Old Gringo boots epitomize that philosophy. Our cowboy boots bond time-honored handcrafting art with a contemporary flair for fashion.

We at Old Gringo boots firmly believe in craft and design, making the Old Gringo brand part of our customers' lifestyles. Today, our success is due to the support of great retail locations that carry the Old Gringo brand and the public who love fine leather cowboy boots as much as we do.


Old Gringo was founded in 2000 by Yan Ferry and Ernie Tarut. They built the best boot factory in North America - the Old Gringo boot manufacturing facility. The partnership of our founders is a match from cowboy boot heaven - Yan Ferry is one of the best bootmakers in the world, and Ernie Tarut comes to the partnership with over 30 years in the leather manufacturing and wholesale business.

In the fall of 2000, the Old Gringo boot factory was opened and within six months an oustanding collection of original, vintage and retro styles, designed by Yan Ferry, was introduced to the market. Old Gringo boots were rapidly and widely accepted by major stores, western chains, fashion boutiques and catalogs nationwide. Vendors were just as eager to bring the excitement of Old Gringo boots to their western wear retail locations as the buying public was to purchase and enjoy the unique styling, quality and comfort of Old Gringo boots.

In 2002, after two years in operation, steady demand for Old Gringo boots triggered the construction of a larger factory in Leon, Mexico, to keep up with the growing demand for our hand-crafted cowboy boots. Our goal at Old Gringo boots is to continue to work to provide our customers with the timeless Old World products that satisfy the demands of the discriminating consumer.


The high quality of Old Gringo boots is the culmination of an over 130-step production process performed by our skilled craftsmen, many of whom have been perfecting their craft for over 20 years. The combination of the Old Gringo time-intensive production process and the skills of our talented craftsmen results in a product that is made to last a lifetime.

Since our designs demand only the finest materials and quality, we have chosen to produce and tan our own carefully selected leathers in textures, colors and finishes developed by our co-owner Yan Ferry. The critical steps involved in the construction of the perfect Old Gringo boot include the hand-cutting of all upper materials, the pre-fitting of our shafts and vamps, the fancy stitch, laborious handtooling and embroidery designs, the assembling of the insoles, outsoles, last and uppers, the hand-driving of lemon pegs and meticulous finishing.

There is not a single process in the craftsmanship of Old Gringo boots that does not require the interpretation, precision and talent of the human hand.

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