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Buying Motorcycle Boots

When purchasing a pair of motorcycle boots, it is important to balance function with fashion. No matter how good a pair of motorcycle boots may look, they'll be shunned to the back of your closet if they don't fit right and perform on a ride. Luckily there are a variety of companies that make motorcycle boots who understand that no two feet are alike. Bikers wear different types of footwear--anything from tennis shoes, combat boots, and everything in between. A reliable pair of motorcycle boots will keep your feet safe, comfortable, and looking great on the road. Allens Boots has compiled a list of the different attributes to consider when purchasing a pair of motorcycle boots.


Most riders prefer their motorcycle boots to be classic black leather. But related dark colors, like brown, are also very popular. Many women like purchasing brown motorcycle boots for fashion purposes or as a walking boot. Most all motorcycle boots are made out of dark leather, although a few have complimentary shades, like red. This is a matter of personal style.


The majority of riders like motorcycle boots that are at least six inches tall. Motorcycle boots this tall provide ankle protection. Many 6 inch motorcycle boots also offer ankle padding. For additional protection against elements like a cold wind, motorcycle boots can be found in heights of twelve, fifteen, and seventeen inches. The height of motorcycle boots is directly related to how heavy a boot is. Some riders would rather have a lighter boots while other riders prefer heavy motorcycle boots that provide an extra layer of stability. For riders that plan on walking long distances, a short style of motorcycle boots will be more comfortable. If you know that you'll be riding over rough terrain, a long pair of motorcycle boots will protect your calves against objects like rocks and bugs.


All motorcycle boots come with durable outsoles that provide traction and resistance against slippage. This extra footing helps riders when making sharp turns and sudden stops. Also, consider motorcycle boots with a thick outsole. These motorcycle boots will help absorb vibration.


If you plan on riding, leather motorcycle boots are obviously the best choice. The leather provides more protection than athletic shoes, and is a better barrier against flying debris. In minor accidents, leather motorcycle boots will offer additional protection for your feet and legs.


Motorcycle boots are usually square-toed or round-toed. Individual preference should reign in selecting a pair of motorcycle boots, but round-toe boots have a bit more room at the toe. Some motorcycle boots even offer protection with steel-toes. Motorcycle boots that are made of a welted construction are stiffer and more stable. These motorcycle boots will need to be broken-in before riding. Cemented construction boots have more flexibility. Try on a variety of motorcycle boots to find a style and construction that you're most comfortable with.


Different brands of motorcycle boots offer different features for putting them on. Some motorcycle boot styles have zippers, Velcro, or buckles. These options allow air circulation and the opportunity for easy adjustment. Some riders like slip-on or zippered motorcycle boots because they don't have anything to get snagged on.

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