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  • 10 Things Every Boot Lover Knows

    10 Things Every Boot Lover Knows

    1. Every pair triggers a vivid memory. Whether you’re a sentimental person or not, your boots feel like your friends. You’ve been through alot together, seen alot of places, and done alot of things. You can’t help but recall a memory instantly when you slip on a pair.

    Old Gringo | Style number: L1416-4

    2. Your social calendar is based on whether or not you can wear boots. Let’s face it– if I can’t wear my boots, I’m not going. It doesn’t sound like anywhere I want to be.

    3. You have multiple pairs of the same style, but in different colors or leathers. Finding the perfect style and fit is priceless. Why mess up a good thing?! (And also because no, not every brown boot is the same.)

    Style numbers from left: L4755 | L1377

    4. You can read a person’s personality just from their boots. A person’s fashion sense can tell you alot about someone! Are they traditional, sassy, trendy, or simple? Look at their boots!

    5. You know all about buying the wrong size and making it work. They say women suffer for fashion. It’s true. Nothing is as uncomfortable as an ill-fitting pair of boots but sometimes if they’re the last pair, at the right price…you just gotta.

    6. You know how to make serious monetary sacrifices when you find a new pair you want. When you get a serious case of boot-lust, you will buy generic q-tips and eat peanut butter jelly sandwiches for however long it takes!

    7. You know how to pack them optimally. There is a strategy to packing cowboy boots and you know it well. Because if you’re going on a trip, they’re going with you. Obviously.

    8. You pick your boots first and plan the rest of the outfit accordingly. Most people pick out their top or their dress first. Nuh-uh, not boot people. We build from the bottom up!

    Old Gringo | Style number: L2046-3

    9. You know a brand when you see it on the street. At an event or simply walking around town, you spot a pair of boots and know the maker instantly. It’s like a sixth sense. (If you don’t have it yet, you will. Patience, grasshopper.)

    10. When someone says, “I don’t like cowboy boots”, all you hear is “We can’t be friends”. It’s a very special kinship, and not everyone understands.

    Style numbers from left: L585-1 | LB-711219-A

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