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Brand Spotlight: Ariat International

Brand Spotlight: Ariat International

You might be surprised to hear boots classified as “performance footwear”, but that’s just what the Ariat International brand is!

Inspired by their work with athletic footwear companies like Reebok and Avia, Beth Cross and Pam Parker formed Ariat International in Union City, California 1993. They recognized a void in high performance footwear where there clearly was need— the equestrian athlete world— and have been filling the void, worldwide, ever since.

Styles from left: 10012903 | 10014169 | 10016360

Every pair of Ariats is technology and innovation wrapped in a cowboy boot package. This is a brand dedicated to those who ranch, ride, and work outdoors. Ariat boots are rough and tumble— fashionable and functional.

While one of their trademarks is thick, tough leather, you won’t notice the most recognizable trademark of an Ariat boot until you put it on. The insole! This is where the athletic footwear influence comes in to play— a super cushy, very supportive insole is reminisce of a sneaker. You’ll know an Ariat when you feel it!

Styles from left: 10011792 | 10014228

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