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Our custom boot factory based in El Paso, Texas.

Custom Boots

Since opening in 1977 Allens Boots has made countless western-dreams come true by connecting people with the perfect pair of boots. We’ve prided ourselves on having the best quality boots for our customers for well over 40 years and today we are more than proud to introduce our very own -Made in USA- premium and custom boot line, Allens Classics. 

Allens Classics are made in El Paso, Texas at the Easterling Boot Factory which makes the highest quality of custom fitted and custom designed boots available in the market. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of designing your own pair of custom boots you know it’s a whole new ballgame… and these boots take it to another level. 

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L.M. Easterling

Lloyd and Mary Easterling started LM Easterling Boots together in 1992 after Lloyd’s long and storied career in the boot industry. Lloyd started at ACME Boot Company in Clarksville, TN in 1963 and is part of the unofficial bookmakers hall of fame for his time spent working at a few of the premier boot brands that have ever made boots in El Paso. Mary provided a finance and operations backbone for 30 years and as a pair they are most certainly western legends. Allens Boots is excited to carry on their legacy through Allens Classics.

We’ll offer stock Allens Classics from time to time which you can find on our website and in our shops, but our top level offering is true custom boots. We are carrying on the foot measurement process that we were taught by the Easterlings and once we’ve measured your feet we build a last unique to your feet and keep that record for as long as you are our customer. From there you’re free to take the design as far as you’d like; pick your favorite leathers, drop us off a hunting trophy, design an inlay top or stitch pattern with your own selection of images and colors, everything is on the table. 

Come on in today to get fitted and design a pair or email us for pricing and more information at

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